Katameya Gardens

The project was planned by the most specialized consulting offices in Egypt and abroad and also green areas (landscape) and lakes have been created that were designed and coordinated by the most famous designers in Germany to make our customers enjoy relaxation and quietness. According to the desire of the company ? the owner of the project- to complete and boom Katameya Gardens Compound, it is implementing a commercial services project adjacent to the Katameya Gardens Compound Villas, but separate, and that to provide the highest level of service for the residents of the villas without harming the outstanding environmental model, which was the Compound designed in. Beside that Katameya Gardens Compound characterized by using modern communication techniques and building management technology (Smart Home) and (Home Automation) also the residents of villas enjoy with (Club House). Also there is full security system which reflects assurance and tranquility to all residents. The precision in the design, the genius selection of the site, the speed in the implementation and respecting others is the key to success.
Katameya Gardens Compound New Cairo
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